Air Superiority is the Only Thing That Matters in Conflicts Between Superpowers

Trends in Air-to-Air Combat

I saw a very silly tweet today:

It’s not possible to go that route because it’s too long, cold, too many forests, and it’s too hard to build roads. It’s very time-consuming to saw down huge fir trees and blow up the stumps in subzero temperatures so you can build roads. Also, you’re going to be bombed. In the end, modern warfare between superpowers becomes all about the air war, and that’s all that matters.

It reminds me of this very important study that shows issues in air-to-air combat. This is the venue where, hypothetically, if the United States wanted to invade Russia, the real battle would happen. The rest means nothing since no one can prosecute a land war if they’re being blown to smithereens by bombers. Just ask the Waffen SS battalions who got incinerated during the closing months of WWII.

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