John Robb’s Long Night

I’m back on my bullshit again.

What bullshit, you ask? Well, obsessing over John Robb’s concept of the Long Night, of course. 

The Long Night is the idea that certain tribes, like progs, will take over the entire infrastructure of information distribution and lock out and unperson anyone who defies them. We already see this happening with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the like, who in combination account for the information distribution for at least 3 billion people worldwide. 

The Long Night is a period of information monopolization and domination by this ruling class, where dissidence is never allowed again, or something like “for a thousand years,” in John Robb’s words. This censorship will be enhanced by AI-based sorting which will enable automated domination and control in a way never made possible by human overseers. Furthermore, compliance will be gamified where the populace is rewarded for spying on their neighbors with a social credit system that becomes wedded to our finances and career prospects.

Robb also compares it to Eliezer Yudkowsky’s concept of a paperclip maximizer as a utility system with a narrow goal that ends up subsuming and destroying everything under it in an attempt to maximize utility for that one goal, in this case something like enforcing Robin DiAngelo’s Cultural Marxist orthodoxy.


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