The Rise of Modernism

It’s worth thinking about what went wrong and where. Hunter Wallace writes, “the rise of Modernism is central to understanding our decline.” Specifically:

In his book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America, Eric P. Kaufmann argued that the American elite became modernist, cosmopolitan and antiracist during the first three decades of the 20th century. WASP elites began to reject their own ethnicity and “Anglo-conformity” which was the process by which European immigrants came to America and were expected to assimilate into the American nation. Instead of assimilating into a common American culture, European immigrants were encouraged to retain their own culture and enrich an otherwise sterile, bland and philistine Anglo-America. This idea which gained traction on the Left in the 1920s was later broadened into multiculturalism.

This seems on point. The roots of the present disaster, besides 1848, took place in America roughly a hundred years ago. After America helped crush the traditional monarchies and aristocracies of Europe, in classic American bravado of “I won therefore my ideas must be right,” the USA doubled down on being in favor of whatever the old monarchies were against. This means multiculturalism. The outcome of WWI, which could have gone either way, resulted in doubling down on anti-tradition. How has that worked out for us?

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